Workout: Dynamic Stretching

Do the dynamic stretching first, and the core-strength work second!!

Stretch 1: Squats

Start Position
Stand upright with your back straight, and your feet about shoulder width apart. Point your toes forward and keep your heels and toes on the ground. Keep your arms in front of your body so that your upper arms are straight out and your forearms are folded elbow to finger.

Slowly flex your knees and squat downward keeping your back straight and arms out as you go. Go slowly down to into a deep squat position, and then slowly return to standing.

Repeat 10 times.

Stretch 2: Pelvic Thrusts

Start Position
Lie flat on your back with your arms down by your side, your knees bent to a 90 degree angle and keep your feet flat on the ground. Keep your abdominal muscles solid throughout this stretch.

Drive your hips upward, keeping your back straight as you go up. Tighten your buttocks muscles as you reach the top. Hold for a moment then return slowly.

Repeat 10 times.

Stretch 3: Calfies

Start Position
Start facing downward with your hands flat on the ground, your legs straight and your hips in the air. Keep your feet flat on the ground.

Bend one knee and allow the heel to come off the ground. You should feel a good stretch in the other calf. Hold this for five seconds. Straighten the first knee and bend the other. Hold this side for fives seconds.

Repeat 2 times for each calf.

Stretch 4: Bunny Kicks

Start Position
Face downward with your hands on the ground, and your arms straight. Have your toes on the ground, and your feet flexed so that your shins are parallel to the ground. Keep your back straight and your neck and head steady.

Keep your abdominal muscles solid and kick your feet back and bend your knees as you do. Try to touch your heels to your buttocks. Your arms should bend slightly as you perform these kicks.

Repeat 8 times.

Stretch 5: Leg Swings with wall (or partner)

Start Position
Start standing with your arms straight in front of you holding onto a wall, a fence or on someone’s shoulders.

Keep one leg planted and the other straight and off the ground slightly. Swing that leg to the outside at about a 40 degree angle from your other leg, then swing in inside your body and up past the other leg in a side to side kicking motion. Hold your torso firm and upright as you do this.

Repeat 10 times with each leg.

Stretch 6: Alternate Lunges

Start Position
Start with feet together and hands on hips. Keep your back straight.

Step forward with one foot so that it is flat in front of you, and bend this knee to a 90-degree angle. Sink your hips downward so that the other knee is also bent at a 90-degree angle, and just slightly off the ground.

Hold this position for five seconds, the repeat with the other leg.

Repeat 5 times with each leg.

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