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I want everyone to know that the U14 girls team is traveling to Virginia this weekend to play in their first games ever. Lets wish the a safe trip and a good luck in their games this Saturday. Also I want to give a shout out to Omar, he donated his free time to help the girls train for the last few weeks.  Go Lady Cubs!  
Montville Flag Rugby Youth Flag Program Summer 2016 A registration form is required for each player by May 31st.
Gibby's Day Flyer 2016
June will be here soon and that means it's almost time for Gibby's Day! Join us on June 11, 2016 for our annual celebration of David's life. We will have games for the children, touch rugby, tricky tray, 50/50, music with a DJ, and much more.
First and foremost, I would like to state that we did NOT play Montclair.  Maybe it’s me, but when Montclair states that “Morris Sucks”, I take it to mean they do not like our Morris County values.
April 23 & 24              North American Grappling Association                     
6 Nations has passed.  Easter has passed.  My gas has passed.  It means that the true harbinger of Spring has come - a dropkick beneath the Triboro Bridge to start the Masters season.  It means Papi's first muster.  It means my first match report of the season, or as one person calls it:  foreplay (but more on that
Since this was a friendly match and the girls were still recovering from their hard loss to Play rugby on Sunday, we used the opportunity to start all our new players. Besides , we were still missing our Scrum half Jess Nagie and our #13 Delia Hellander. And we were told that the team had lost to South Jersey 45-10, and was young.
We can lay out some excuses for this loss. We were missing our strike runner Delia Hellander and our excellent scrum half Jess Nagie. The referee did not show up, so a coach had to take the duties over, which caused some players to lose focus. The try lines were not clear and we lost a try when that caused us to not “touch down”.
This was the first league match of the season, and the Morris girls picked up where they left off when they wont the state championship in commanding fashion over Union last June. To be fair, South Jersey is in a rebuilding mode and were not able to field a full side, making the match an official forfeit.
The Morris girls saw plenty of action this weekend as they played six matches in the elite division of the Frostbite tournament against some of the top northeast teams including West End (Virginia), West Carroll (Md), Doylestown (Pa), and North Bay (Md).


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